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Good morning, Steve, Shirley, Carla, and Tommy. Steve I had to get on your website to contact you about your closing comments on Tuesday, April 15. They were a great message to all women - of every possible demographic - to remind us of the importance of making good decisions and having a larger vision for ourselves beyond what we're currently faced with. Most importantly, they were a much needed reminder to value ourselves and our bodies. Will you please consider airing them again or posting them on your website? Please? Pretty please? Thanks for all you and your team do!

Dam march
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Good morning Morning Show. I dont often get to hear Steve give the morning inspirations because I have to be in formatiom (US Army TRADOC) but when I do I am helped by them. This morning Steve gave three thing to not do to be successful, then gave a poem that he said no one knew the author of . I do, I have since my 8th grade teacher in S.V. Mashall had us to learn it and like you this poem has been a blessing to me as well the author is (not sue about the spelling) Rudyard Keipling. Hope I have heled. SSG DAN MARCH JR. (JR).


I have been a devout Fan since WGCI and have followed all your endeavors since. I set my alarm for 5:00 am everyday so I won't miss them. Now retired, I still get up faithfully to hear Steve and if I miss you I get off my square. Thank you Souljah for all you do and say much appreciated and Loved!! You too Morning Crew!!

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Can you please call Tommy's mother today for her Birthday!

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I will this comment short and sweet. Tommy is right. Math has changed. I love numbers. Math used to be favorite subject. They no longer carry the 1.

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I am a 19 year old cosmetology studen and I have been in a relationship with this guy for four years. We had our rough patches such as cheating and breaking up. We also had times were our love grew stronger like the loss of our daughter the lost of his father and the loss of my uncle he decided to join the army and wants me to travel the world with him but the only way that will happen is that we get married he's asked me four times to marry him in the last couple weeks and I always take it as a joke because I am not sure if I am ready for marriage with everyone saying I want him for his money I don't care about the money...I want him for the man he has become I love him for am I ready to deal with his mother tuening her nose up at me every time I come over to spend time with. Mostly am I ready for marriage?

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i would like a copy of the poem that you recited on this morning show.

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Steve, may the Lord continue to bless you and yours for blessing us every morning! Thank you for allowing God to speak through you! Your message was great this morning! By His grace, I will take "can't" out my vocabulary. I will recognize that to quit is never an option for me. I will disdain the very thought of quitting. I will remove all excuses from my mind. I will not give excuses, and I won't accept excuses. Also, I remember what you said yesterday - "stop complaining. It has never offered any solution". Most of all, I will have faith in God and pray. Thanks, again, Steve. God has given me "an ear to hear" what His Spirit is saying through you. Keep on keeping on, soldier!

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According to the book....it was the mother-in law.

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Steve, Tommy is right. I had to teach my son to carry the one. Common Core math is totally different. They add sideways. Don't ask me how:)