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Diedre Brown
Atlanta, GA - MAGIC 1360 - THE TOUCH

Good Morning crew! I just wanted to say something that I haven't heard anybody mention. We as black people have more power than we realize. We were able to get The Game picked back up because of our need for a good Black drama. We were able to Oxygen to pull the plug on very good site usa generic levitra Shawty Lo's "10 baby's mommas" show because of our disgust with the image it portrayed... And yet, we still continue to have shows like love and purchase of levitra'>purchase of levitra hip hop, housewives, sport wives, and whatever else. We need to be reminded and encouraged to protest because IT WORKS! P.S. I love your show; I listen everyday!!

flip sterling
Atlanta, GA - MAGIC 1360 - THE TOUCH

I wanted to see what you guys thought of the it's great! levitra no prescription new comedian trading card movement started by Flip sterling. the cards can be used to get free tickets, drinks, backstage passes and connections to the best choice buy prescription viagrabuy viagra in the uk your favorite comedians twitter,facebook,vine, and so on!!

Birmingham, AL - HOT 107.7

Good morning Steve and the crew. I like the way you explained affirmative action this morning. have you ever thought aboutbeing a politician? keep on doing what you do

Stacia Wilson
Columbia, SC - THE BIG DM 101FM JAMS

Good morning Steve Harvey and the morning crew. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate you. Thanks for all of the words of inspiration as well as the stomach aches from laughing that I receive daily. NOW Nephew Tommy....Thank you sooooooo much for publicly announcing that IRREGARDLESS isn't a word. That is MY NUMBER ONE pet peeve....I GET REALLY ANNOYED WHEN I HEAR FOLKS SAY THAT! ESPECIALLY THE ONES THAT ARE TRYING TO BE "PROPERTY"!!!! (THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID PROPERTY, NOT PROPER)....WHEW...ANYWAY, I THINK I'M DONE...THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST....

Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX - Smooth R&B 105.7

Hi Steve and morning crew! I have wanted to write this email for a while now, and I have finally built up the courage and time to sit down and free levitra sample say thank you for “BEING” such a strong positive role model in my life! I had the privilege of having you as the guest speaker at my college graduation (if you recall) back in 2001 at Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was 7 months pregnant with my son when I walked across the stage to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. When I found out that you were going to be our guest speaker I was ‘excited and honored’ to have you there! I knew if you were speaking then, it definitely wasn’t going to be boring. I thought that you were going to get up there and like you would say “tear our mouths out with laughter”. But surprisingly! You gave me more than laughter, and I still remember until this day how you talked about a little flee trapped in a box. You said that a flee could jump 7 feet or higher, and you asked us to imagine if the top of the box was removed how high could that little flee jump? Well, nearly 13 years later I am still jumping high because of your inspiring words, which runs through my mind daily when I listen to your show every day! I am pleased to let you know that I took a leap of cheap levitra on line faith after college, moved to Texas and landed a job with The Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Hazard Mitigation Specialist (Architect). I have a great 12 year old son! I am 4 classes away from my MBA, and I am getting married on June 21, 2014 to a wonderful, God fearing “BLACK” man! In short, I just wanted to say “Thank You!” for being the man that you are. Keep doing what you do, it is working. I am a product of your well doings! Sharita Harris

Jacksonville, FL - 93.3 THE BEAT

Steve Harvey, Please add the Pimpin' (Left the g off intentionally) everytime you do the sports. I am hollering at my place of employment. Take it easy Pimpin' hehehehehehe V101.5 Jacksonville, Florida Listener Everyday. Thanks for the laughter everyday.

listen online

Shirley, I am 43 years old & my father who is buy levitra soft tabs'>buy levitra soft tabs 89 years old still tells me to this day, "act as pretty as you look baby!" He has told his daughters & grand daughters that as long as we can remember, since we started walking!!! Lol!!

Sonia Green
listen online

Steve and team, i agree with your converstaion regarding the image of black women on reality television. And yes we all are to take personal responsibility for our actions as a communtiy. However, let's not forget the role gansta rap music has played in the viagra tablets for sale degrading of black women and the culture. Calling black women b----h's,,h--s, only used for sexual purposes and than proptray other cutlures as better than black women. I have season tickets to the Pistons and I seat with the family of the home team. I have yet to see one black girlfriend come with all those black players. The only black women I see are the mothers, cousins, sisters, etc.. of the team members. If our men don't put value on us,than why would anyone else.

listen online

I listen to the show from the Bahamas on Global 99.5 but I don't see it on the drop down list. I heard Steve mentioned the other day about the airing of the entire show from the Bahamas. I have to agree with him, the show is still being cut and we recommend pfizer cialis uk sometimes we don't get everything that is being said, its very frustrating because sometimes it cuts right in the middle of something. Please see if you can address this issue. I am an avid listener from day one that you aired in the Bahamas and cant do without out it. Keep up the good work.

New York, NY - 107.5 TODAYS R&B and Classic Soul

My response to discussion regarding black women fighting on dosage levitra'>dosage levitra reality tv AND nephew Tommy's statement about his son not wanting to viagra generic canada'>viagra generic canada dare black women because he feels they are ghetto - has any watched housewives of the best choice cialis online buy NJ?? White women fighting on tv - don't just judge US!!

Rocio Uribe
New York, NY - 107.5 TODAYS R&B and Classic Soul

Steve, my 15 year old autistic son is emerging into a love of wearing a tie, shirt and nice pants. He asked me to take pictures of him. He has potential to be an autistic model of clothes. Steve would you like to add him to your show?

Peggy Haynesworth
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville), NC - POWER 95.5

Please play Justin Timberlake new song. "It's not a bad thing" I think you would enjoy this song.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwtr, FL - 95.7 The Beat Tampa Bay's Hip Hop and R&B

Kandi Burrus is the mexico cialis no prescription'>mexico cialis no prescription only sister successful

Theo Floyd
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwtr, FL - 95.7 The Beat Tampa Bay's Hip Hop and R&B

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please repeat this show whenever you are on vacation or in need of a “Best of Steve Harvey Morning Show” blast. Our parents and children truly needed to hear this message concerning the reality of Reality Shows. I am an assistant principal at a middle school in Tampa, Florida and I am a witness to our students (and parents) emulating what they see in these shows. I can attest to the concern raised by Tommy’s son, in that the majority of viagra discussionsdiscount priced viagra my conversations are with our African American females acting “ghetto.” Thank you so much for bring this message to light.

Washington, DC - Howard University WHUR 96.3

Hey Steve, I'm sitting here listening to you all talk about Reality TV and images portrayed on these shows. Why do black people constantly worry and complain about images of black folks on TV? We don't hear white people complaining about how white people are portrayed on TV. Honey Boo Boo, Hollywood Hillbillies, and other shows portray white people (or should I just say, people) in less than flattering ways. We're not in the 1950's and 60's anymore. Black people have total control over how we're seen and perceived. Who is forcing Housewives of Atlanta to behave the way they do... Who is forcing Basketball Wives of LA to behave the way they do... Who is forcing any of these people to behave the way they do. They are being paid to perform, simple as that. If they are ugly, if they are ignorant, if they fight, then so be it. It's their choice. I'm a professional black man, I have a mature well adjusted 14 year old daughter, my wife is a professional, and my son is an intelligent 11 year old who does not wear his pants hanging off of his behind. My point. We control our images, we control how we're perceived and received. Only the most ignorant among society looks at anything on television and allows those images to shape their thought process. I watch reality TV and accept it as entertainment. Now, not all of reality TV is entertainment. Much of it is down right stupid. So, I watch the stupid, laugh at the stupid, shake my head at the stupid, and go on about my business, not and never once allowing those shows to influence my thinking. As I said, if you are ignorant, if you are stupid, if you are pretty dumb, than sure... reality TV impacts your thought process. If you are an intelligent, thinking human being, then reality TV is nothing more than the entertainment (or lack thereof) it is.