3 Key Questions That Will Help You Identify Your Gift

A gift is not talent.

Everyone has a gift, but not every person recognizes what his or her gift is. Being able to identify it is the key to fulfilling the unique purpose of your life.

However, don’t confuse a gift with talent. Anyone can learn a talent, but a gift is something you’re born with.

Think of it this way: can any person take singing lessons to improve her voice? Yes, she can develop a singing talent. But can anyone sing like Whitney Houston? No. Whitney’s voice was her gift, and no one else (no matter how many lessons they take and how dedicated they are to furthering their talent) will sing quite like her.

If you’re not sure what your gift is, ask yourself these three questions:

• What can I do that I’m best at, with little effort on my part?

• What is the one thing that other people associate with me?

• I’ve listened to others connect this gift with me, so how have I used it?

Write down your answers and think about what you find. When you identify your gift, you now have the opportunity to live your richest life. The success you experience will be connected to that gift, but you have to figure out the most valuable way to use it.

Find yourself and reflect.

If your gift is writing, how can you use it in the most valuable way? Your way might not be in writing fiction—it could be motivational writing instead. Or, if your gift is listening, think of all the ways you could use it to benefit the most people.

To live your most fulfilling life, identify your gift by asking yourself the questions above.

What did you find?

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  1. I Love your motivational speeches, your book jump inspired me. When you said take the jump if your not happy where you are in life. “When you take the jump the parachute may not open the first time but eventually it will.” I released my first book 3/2018 and just completed my second 9/2018. I decided to write my life’s story in a three part series. It is titled H.I.V. it could have been me! Thanks for all of your encouragement, and sharing your life challenges. God Bless you and your family. With God all things are possible…

  2. It is my belief that my gift is helping others. I havr always wanted to “fix” other people’s problems no matter how big or small. Having travelled the “neglected paths” makes it easier to relate to the struggles of EVERY DAY PEOPLE. Being in a position where it’s possible for me listen and to help others is my life’s goal. The fact that we ALL are connected, by “6 degrees” makes it IMPERATIVE that WE join in each other’s common goals to heal OUR PEOPLE.

  3. My gift is encouraging people it comes naturally . I will love to do a class in motivational speaking

  4. I’m good at caring for people

  5. I am a 73 year old mother,grandmother and great grandmother my gift is nursing and teaching. I have be a licensed praticial/vocational nurse for 34 years. I taught a nursing assistant course for 10 years. In the home health agency I worked for 19 years I thought many nurses. When I see some of the people I taught, they tell me how much they learned from me. Would love to be on the Steve Harvey Show before God says your work is done, now come into your eternal home trade in your cross for a crown. Love you and your family.

  6. Having a good relationship with animals they love and I give love my Farrell cats trust me they let me pick them up even though they gave out away from people and they let me comb them they follow me when I walk up and down the street I just seem to have a connection with animals and people say that I am funny I think the best gift God gave me is love

  7. Greetings Mr Harvey.
    I must say your book “Jump” has been a great read and played a big role in my decision to move away from home and to follow my dream/passion as an actor yet I am a qualified Public Relations Officer.

    My talent is being an actor and my gift is giving my time to volunteer at my friend’s Non-Profit Organization that works with orphans through a creative programme (Doodling) Art Therapy. Telling good news stories about their lives.

    Thank you for being an inspiration and continue being one. Stay blessed!

    A South African fan
    Renaldo Abdul

  8. …but what do I do if I can’t come up with an answer? Does that mean I’m not just Talentless but I wasn’t given any gifts…? I’m really scared now


  10. Hey Steve,
    This topic is one I can relate with so much. I do not think I have figured out neither my gift nor my talent even though I am in my 40s! That is a major concern to me now.
    Sometimes I think I’m just drifting. And the thought of not knowing where the destination might be fills me with so much frustration.
    I am the type who thinks they can do all things but are really not doing much. I feel the energy on the inside, but I have not been able to channel it to the proper direction because I don’t know it.
    I am looking forward to having a personal contact with you. Many things I want to talk to you about Steve.
    I live in Massachusetts.
    Thank you for all the impact you are making.

  11. I need help on how am go find my gift so if you got anything make sure you text me back. OK. Good. Lol

  12. […] that it’s innate. You can do it with the least amount of effort, and you’re best at it. Steve Harvey defines it as; “Your gift is the thing you do, the absolute BEST, with the LEAST amount of […]

  13. I’m turning 30 this year in August and I have been a stay at home mom since I was 17. I have volenteered at many places and I had some “under the table” jobs from ages 13 to 16 but I can’t say I can answer the above questions. I feel like they are just too vague or not personal enough to me to help me. But I feel like my time in the work world is almost up and if i cant figure out what to do right now, then I will have doors slammed in my face everywhere for lack of experience. I feel like I have maybe too many things that could be “my gift” for me to zero in on one.

  14. I found out that I motivate people with my words. I always find the right words to solve people problem.
    I also discovered that I’m drawn to helping the needy and I feel so peaceful, happy and fulfilled whenever I give a helping hand to the poor and needy. Pls I need guide on how to develop it. Thanks and God bless u…

  15. Thank you so much! I haven’t read your book Jump, Yet… but this Morning I picked up a book in my nightstand “101 ways to find Gods purpose for your life” and the first chapter is called “Discover Your Strengths”… and it ask me to make List of my strengths, gifts and talents. I looked up the difference between gifts & talents … read a few things about them and Answered some questions as result of today April 1,2022 I’ve discovered my Gift as being an encourager. I always encourage others because I know what struggle looks like. I’ve also discovered that I need to be more transparent with my struggles so that people know that even though I smile and encourage I go through struggles but I encourage myself and God gives me this sense of feeling that He’s got me and I’m gonna make it. That keeps me going… but the only thing is whenever I go through a lot I never talk about it or share some things I feel it’ll be an embarrassment for me or I won’t look all put together. That was how I use to feel… I feel myself now breaking free from those feelings. I want to encourage and be a blessing to others in an authentic way without pacifying myself…. My purpose is to live my life so God will be glorified. I am an encourager!

  16. I don’t know what my gift is , I am sad and lonely i don’t feel good emotionally , physically or mentally . I recently had surgery and i am alone stuck in my room. I am in the military and even though they said we take care of each-other nobody has come to give me a hand or ask me how i have been. I went to the ER room twice. I don’t know what to do. I feel nauseous.

  17. Hi Steve, you are such a wonderful both psychologist and motivator.
    Has I was going through this article and you paused me to outline the things the I normally do and I don’t put much effort to it, I just found that iam a solution center to many people’s problems and I enjoying supporting the need.
    Now here is the problem I have, I do have a very informative flow withing myself and the potential energy of doing great and archive greater things many ideas on how to make a good and wealth world but I don’t know where I should start from… I need more direction over this.

  18. I like to help people in need and treated every one equally been rich or poor

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