5 reasons why real estate is still the best investment for your money

For the modern day investor, their existential chicken or the egg problem is whether or not to put their disposable income towards stocks or real estate. In recent years, the former has been the most popular (in part thanks to a booming tech sector). But there are plenty of reasons why investing in real estate is still considered to be the best bang for your buck. In fact, there are five key advantages to the real estate market that will have anyone eyeing up shares think otherwise:

1. Real estate offers more flexibility 

With the stock market, you really only have two options: hold or sell your shares. But when it comes to real estate, you can be more adaptable in your choices. You can flip your home and then sell it, list it on a platform like AirBNB for passive income, lease it, subdivide it — sky’s the limit. The real estate world is your oyster.

2. It’s a more stable investment 

For the people who don’t love how the stock market can wax and wane on any given day, real estate offers more stable growth, making it a more risk-free and safer investment. Plus, there’s no constant anxiety on a day-to-day basis as to whether or not your shares have dropped by a few cents.

3. The tax breaks can be upwards of six-figures 

According to award-winning broker Holly Parker, there are certain situations where homeowners won’t have to pay taxes on gains from their investment properties, and real estate can offer homeowners upwards of $250,000 on tax breaks as an individual (a number that can be doubled for a married couple).

4. Real estate investments can help the community around it 

A key advantage to real estate is that it gives homeowners the opportunity to pay it forward and help bolster the community around them by leveraging local contractors and workers, as well as by increasing the local tax revenue.

5. It gives you the opportunity to generate income all-year round 

By renting your property or listing it on home-share sites, you have the unique opportunity to make income all throughout the year. And if you’re in it for the long haul, be prepared for exponential growth, too.

If all of this has convinced you, a great resource to have with you while you start your investment journey is Mashvior’s Professional Plan (currently on sale for $99). Built as a time-saving tool, the site makes months-long data research a relatively simple process that can be done in little as 15 minutes. When you type in a city you’re looking to buy in, Mashivor will give you an overview of the investment opportunities, as well as key calculations on any given neighborhood so you can estimate your returns on your real estate investment. It even comes complete with algorithm-based projections of your property so you can best decide whether or not to fork over a down deposit. And for those eyeing up the prospect of buying a rental unit, it will also help you understand whether or not the area you’ve chosen will make fiscal sense for an AirBNB. The tool proves to be valuable for homeowners, landlords and AirBNB hosts alike.

And because property investment is typically a years-long (if not decades-long) project, a lifetime subscription to Mashvior is currently on sale from its retail price of $4,750 to just $99. Considering how much money is on the table by investing in real estate, we think 99 bucks will be a drop in the bucket.


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  1. Not everyone can start a realestate business. But everyone can start a Gold savings business for less than $200 one time out of pocket.

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