7 gold necklaces under $40 that are perfect for holiday gifting


With the holidays approaching, you may already be struggling with thinking of the ideal gifts to give to your loved ones. Here’s an idea to help you out a little bit—why not jewelry? Beautiful trinkets always make for meaningful and sentimental presents because they’re not something people typically get for themselves. Gifting jewelry can make the recipient feel extra special and it will be something they can keep for years.

The good thing is jewelry does not have to be expensive. Here are 7 options on sale, all below $40.

Charlotte Pebble Silver Necklace

Featuring a minimalist pebble pendant, this necklace from Penny and Grace adds a subtle yet elegant touch to any look. It hangs from an 18-inch adjustable silver chain that falls below the neckline. It doesn’t contain any lead or nickel, making it safe for the skin. Get the Charlotte Pebble Silver Necklace for $34.99 (reg. $42), a savings of 16%.


Charlotte Pebble Silver Necklace – $34.99

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Double Link Gold Necklace

Crafted with a pendant that has two interlinked circles dipped in 18K gold, this necklace is designed to attract clarity and adventure. The pendant hangs from an 18-inch chain, but you can easily remove the excess with wire clippers. Get the Double Link Gold Necklace for $29.99 (reg. $36), a savings of 16%.


Double Link Gold Necklace – $29.99

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Nautilus Shell Gold Necklace

Know any beach lovers? This necklace features a small, beautiful shell pendant that hangs on a dainty 18K gold-dipped chain, making it an ideal addition to any summer look. Get the Nautilus Shell Gold Necklace for $30 (reg. $36), a savings of 16%.


Nautilus Shell Gold Necklace – $30

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Nova Micro Pavé Silver Necklace

Featuring a stunning pendant with sparkling micro pavé stones, this necklace can elevate any outfit. Both the pendant and the chain are silver dipped, resulting in a clean, lustrous look that’s beautiful but not overpowering. Get the Nova Micro Pavé Silver Necklace for $34.99 (reg. $42), a savings of 16%.


Nova Micro Pavé Silver Necklace – $34.99

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Osanna Gold Necklace

This minimalist pendant is crafted with a beautiful 3-inch circular pendant dipped in 18K gold. It’s enough to top off any outfit and perfect for either a casual hangout with friends or an intimate dinner with a partner or family. Get the Osanna Gold Necklace for $34.99 (reg. $42), a savings of 16%.


Osanna Gold Necklace – $34.99

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Petite Baguette Gold Necklace

This gold-dipped necklace can sprinkle a sparkly touch to any outfit with its minimalist baguette pendant with a rectangular-shaped stone and rows of step-like facets. It falls just below the throat at the collarbone, ideal for wearing over a crew neck. Get the Petite Baguette Gold Necklace for $29.99 (reg. $36), a savings of 16%.


Petite Baguette Gold Necklace – $29.99

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Scarlett Point Silver Necklace

And last but not the least, you can opt for this silver necklace that features a needle-like point pendant dipped in 18K silver. The design symbolizes a hint of direction and manifests endless positivity. Get the Scarlett Point Silver Necklace for $29.99 (reg. $36), a savings of 16%.


Scarlett Point Silver Necklace – $29.99

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