Babbel Is the Leading App for Learning a New Language — And You Can’t Beat This Special Price

For you, perhaps 2021 is the year of international travel. You’ve already got your new luggage set and travel guide books in tow, but you want to get a grasp on a foreign language. Or perhaps you have a new family member you’re looking forward to conversing with in their native tongue. Whatever your circumstances, you are ready to dive into the world of foreign languages.

We won’t dance around it; learning a new language takes time and effort. But if you have the right resources on hand, the process can move along faster than you’d expect.

Take Babbel, the popular online language learning app. It was designed by over 100 expert linguists with the goal of getting you to speak confidently on a variety of practical topics with as little as a month of training. It breaks down language courses into bite-sized sessions (think 10 to 15-minutes each) so that you can tackle learning on your own time. Currently there are 14 different languages you can choose from, which range in levels from beginner to advanced. So no matter if you’re starting from scratch or picking up where you left off, there’s a lesson for you.

But what makes Babbel so beloved by students is its advanced technology, including speech recognition. It can actually accurately pinpoint if your pronunciation is off. Its personalized review sessions will then reinforce areas where you might need a little extra help.

And because you’ll want to save all your hard-earned cash on your next vacation, right now you can get lifetime access to all 14 languages Babbel has to offer for 60% off its original price tag, just $199. Just simply add the deal to your shopping cart et voilá! You’ll soon be ready to chat with native speakers, no matter where your next international getaway takes you.


Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $199

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Prices subject to change.

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  1. I would like to see a lifetime plan for a single language

  2. How can I become an affiliate and profit from this offer? I’m glad Mr H was able to make his arrangements. If like the same opportunity.

  3. What if we’re interested in Babbel but you don’t have the language we want? Will those who purchase now have access to new languages when they’re added? When will you add Korean or Japanese?

  4. I would do this if you offered Japanese. Is there any plan to add that language?

  5. How can you say that we can purchase a LIFETIME subscription for $159, but prices are subject to change?
    We all know if not purchased now, the cost of the lifetime plan could change. What other hidden costs are in this plan that aren’t being disclosed. And please don’t tell me to go find the information elsewhere. I’m sure you have this information and can easily provide it .


  6. I added the Babbel lifetime deal but when I tried to finish the order it needed a promo code and I can’t find it. Help!

  7. I don’t see answers to any of the questions. Just referrals to customer service. What bunk is that?

    1. Hi Carol, we want to direct you to customer service so that they can assist you.

  8. Library – learning language software is free at the library.

    Give your local library a call

  9. For those who were surprised to see the 2023 end date, the purchase page has a note which says “Upon redemption of your subscription, you will initially be granted access to courses for 3 years. Please be assured that your subscription length will be extended within a week to a lifetime subscription.”

  10. How is Babble for kids? I have a 7 year old and am wondering if it is appropriate for young learners?

  11. Hi, can you please tell me to contact your service department here in a different language? OMG….. 🙄

    1. Hi Ryan, are you trying to reach us internationally? How can we help you?

  12. Guess I’ve seen enough. If you can’t answer ANY question without referring them to customer service count me out. I. Sure customer service won’t have an answer either.

    1. Hi Rachel, our customer service can help answer product questions and will be happy to help.

  13. Why does “Editor” not answer any questions but only paste links for you to go somewhere else for answers? Clearly Editor is not the person/not to be answer any questions.

  14. Hello?

    Second request: We are trying to contact you. My student joined after seeing a FREE promo for students. She ended up paying for $30.00 for 3 months. She emailed immediately but no response. Can you please give me contact info so we can clear this up?

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