Beat procrastination and bolster your productivity with this course bundle on sale


While the remote working setup has bolstered productivity across industries, there’s no denying that working from home makes you vulnerable to distractions. With no one to boss you around or look over your shoulder, there’s really nothing that’s stopping you from abandoning your tasks and going on a Netflix binge on the clock. Procrastination is the common enemy of remote workers, and it’s tough to beat.

If you’ve been having issues with staying on top of your workload, there are ways to change your mindset and improve your productivity. The 2021 Learn Productivity & Personal Development Bundle comes packed with 17 hours of premium content on goal setting, focus, long-term motivation, and more, helping you be a better version of yourself. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for only $10.

Under the guidance of Alex Genadinik, a coach on business, entrepreneurship, SEO, marketing, and Amazon with a 4.6 out of 5-star instructor rating, this bundle will arm you with the soft skills and a better mindset to be a better colleague and tackle your deliverables with enhanced efficiency. For starters, you’ll learn the basics of professional email communication so you can communicate your points effectively and learn tips on running meetings to make them more productive and full of creative energy and creativity.

As for boosting your productivity, you’ll learn tips on decreasing distractions and improving your focus and concentration, as well as getting to the bottom of your procrastination so you can address it. There is even a self-esteem and confidence course to eliminate your fear of failure and be less susceptible to criticism, and a course on emotional intelligence where you’ll get a combination of tactics to get smarter and get ahead at work and in society.

Be the best version of yourself with this personal development course. It usually retails for $2,400, but you can get it for only $9.99 for a limited time.


The 2021 Learn Productivity & Personal Development Bundle – $9.99

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