Boost your online marketing campaigns with this $29 Photoshop alternative


You may have the snappiest and wittiest copy any marketer has ever written, but if you don’t have strong visuals to accompany them, your efforts of succeeding in getting noticed on the internet will remain futile. See, visual content is the lifeblood of any online campaign. It’s the not-so-secret way of raking in traffic, shares, and revenue. Colorful words may seal the deal, but it’s visuals that will get people’s attention.

Image X Ultra is a software program that can help you create stunning images to support your campaigns — sans the complexities of other editing apps like Photoshop. It allows you to do away with spending hours scouring the web for free, non-copyrighted assets for your brand, as it offers a massive collection of professional graphics templates that you’re free to alter as you please. If you already have existing PSD files, you can upload them to the program, too, and use the easy drag and drop interface to mix and match design elements.

Check out how it works:

The software is entirely cloud-based, so you don’t have to download anything, and you can access it on any device, may it be a Mac or a PC. And once you’re happy with your design, all it takes is a single click to download your finished product. With continued use, you’ll be able to create and edit compelling imagery that will help you reach potential customers and increase your profits.

Image X Ultra normally retails for $85, but for a limited time, you can get a 1-year subscription for only $28.99 — a savings of 65 percent.


ImageX Ultra: Image & Graphics Editor – $28.99

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