Bring your ideas to life with some help from this creativity masterclass that’s 96% off


You know how sometimes you have a creative idea but cannot convert it into reality? It’s a shame that many of our great ideas become dormant just because we don’t have the resources or skills to take action.

That is precisely why The Complete Digital Creativity & Book Writing Bundle was put together. Taught by bestselling author Sean Thompson, it aims to hone your digital design skills with premium content on animation, editing, sound effects, and so much more.

Currently on sale for over 90% off, this collection of courses will help you breathe all your creative ideas and eureka moments to life. From aiding you in developing your digital creativity to equipping you with skills that will enable you to fulfill almost any type of project, it has everything you need to go after your artistic pursuits. You’ll learn how to make original graphic art, edit films, create dynamic animations, play with vector graphics, and so much more. You’ll also get familiarized with the different Mac programs that you can use for various projects. There’s even a course on publishing and launching a book, in case you want to impart your expertise through the written word.

For a limited time, you can snag the bundle on sale for only $34.99.


The Complete Digital Creativity & Book Writing Bundle – $34.99

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