Charge your Apple tech collection wirelessly and in style with this charging dock on sale


Copped the new iPhone? You may want to get a wireless charging station, too. Sure, the new phone’s got an upgraded camera, a smaller notch, and a wider range of colors, but one of its biggest draws is the MagSafe technology that makes it capable of being charged wirelessly. The same feature is found in other devices within the Apple ecosystem, including the Apple Watch and the AirPods, both of which you probably own, too.

With a tech collection that’s mostly composed of wireless charging-enabled devices, the logical thing to do is to take advantage of the tech and make your charging experience clutter-free. You can easily do that with a wireless charging hub. But if you want one that’s stylish and would look great in any room or office, this Wireless Charging Dock from Lova Livin is a worthy option. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for 30 percent off.

This docking station lets you charge your devices in style. It’s crafted from solid Walnut and topped with soft felt, looking trendy and classy in just about any room or surface you place it in. It’s designed to save you space and keep your desk well-organized, as it doesn’t require you to tether wires just to charge your tech collection. All you need to do is place your phone down, and it will automatically start charging wirelessly.

If you want to charge your Apple Watch and AirPods, you just have to do the same thing. The watch will switch into “nightstand mode” when placed on the dock, so you can still see the time at a glance without having to press any button.

This sleek charger is a welcome addition to your nightstand, desk, or kitchen counter. It’s compatible with any version of the Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhones (save for the Max). And since it steers clear of pesky wires, you can enjoy a clutter-free surface.

This dock typically retails for $146, but you can get it on sale today for $101.99.


Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods – $101.99

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