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You probably don’t need any more reminding, but it still has to be said: your Twitter feed isn’t always a credible source of news. With so many fake news circulating around social media these days, it’s easy to fall prey to lies and fabricated stories. When it comes to consuming news, it’s always better to rely on reputable sources so you can maintain your news literacy.

This is where Ground News comes in. A news aggregator and comparison platform all in one app, it allows you to compare and sort news from over 50,000 sources by political bias, time, and location, allowing you to judge the truth for yourself.

Check out how it works:

Unlike other news aggregators, Ground News doesn’t only dispense news stories, but it also fills you in on where each source falls on the political spectrum — left, center, or right. With enhanced customization options, you can quickly triage what to read next based on geographic filters, filter news based on your interests, and you can also search for everything, from hyperlocal stories to global events. That way, you can adjust your media diet and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Plus, with each story, you get to watch it evolve over time, as the app gives you a play-by-play of each update.

Consume news the smart way with a premium subscription to Ground News. For a limited time, you can snag it on sale for only $19.99. A 2-year subscription is also available for $34.99.


Ground News Premium: 1-Yr Subscription – $19.99

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