DNA kits aren’t just for humans. Find out your dog’s breed and more with this $59 kit

By now, you’ve already mapped out your lineage, understood your ethnic breakdown, and learned a bit more about where your family comes from all with the help of a DNA testing kit. But have you done the same for your pooch?

Dog DNA testing kits can help owners gain valuable insights into how their pup’s genes play a role in their personality, as well as giving owners a detailed look into their furry friend’s lineage (i.e., what breeds make up its background). More advanced dog DNA kits can even provide details about what diseases your pet may be predisposed to as well as any potential health concerns you should be aware of.

One at-home testing kit that can do all of the above, and make it a relatively easy and completely pain-free process at the same time, is the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test (currently on sale for $59). All you have to do is quickly swab the inside of your puppy’s cheek and mail in the DNA sample to the DNA My Dog’s genetic testing lab (through its included mailer). In as little as two weeks, you’ll receive the exact composition of your dog’s DNA, your pup’s exact breed mix, what inherited personality traits your pet has as well as any health concerns it might be genetically exposed to.

As an added bonus, not only is the kit incredibly informative, but it’s also super affordable.

While normally priced at $79, currently the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is on sale for 25% off its original retail price, making it just $59.


DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test – $59

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  1. Please cancel my initiated transaction and do not charge my account.

  2. It keeps charging 59.00 instead of the advertised 52.97

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