Enjoy targeted muscle relief with this massage gun on sale for an extra 15% off


Massage guns are all the rage right now, but they’re mostly targeted toward athletes and fitness buffs. But who’s to say that they can’t be used by folks who just want a relaxing massage at home? The BioGrit Massage Gun was designed to do just that. Not only can it help with post-workout recovery, but it also delivers muscle therapy and a soothing massage for when you feel like you deserve a nice treat.

Engineered with ten adjustable speed levels and eight attachment heads, this massage gun aids in overcoming muscle soreness, relieving body fatigue, combing stiffness, and alleviating muscle spasms. The spiral massage head targets local points and small muscle groups, while the ball-shaped head is designed to use for the shoulder and neck. There is also a flat head for large areas like hips and legs, a U-shaped head and a duckbill head for the spine, a cross head for the calves, and an arc head for the thighs and arms.

Unlike run-of-the-mill massage guns, it operates with silent technology so you can truly relax when you use it. It’s wireless, too. That way, you can enjoy unfettered flexibility and won’t have to position yourself near a power outlet just to get the massage you need.

For a limited time, you can get the BioGrit for only $118.99 with the code GOFORIT15.


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