Explore 80,000 years of your family ancestry with this advanced DNA kit

All this social distancing and quarantining can make any person go stir crazy. When you’ve scrubbed your house clean and extinguished every title on Netflix, you may be desperate for something to do next. How about tracing your family tree and learning who your ancestors are? You never know, you might be related to someone famous.

The Full Ancestry DNA Kit can uncover decades of family history, spanning up to 80,000 years. Featured in HuffPost, The New York Times, and TechCrunch, this kit is the most advanced in the industry, giving you a complete overview of your ancestry via an intuitive online platform.

With just a simple cheek swab, the kit delivers percentage results for over 150 regions, which includes sub-regional ancestry breakdowns, detailed reports, and maternal and paternal haplogroups. You’ll get to know where your family was at any point through history, discover the migration paths of your ancestors, and even locate and connect with extended family.

How does getting in touch with new-found relatives during this trying time sound? And while there are lots of types of DNA kits out there, this kit has been featured in the New York Times, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, and USA Today, so you know it’s legitimate. For a limited time, this kit is on sale for $75.99. Get an extra 15% discount by entering the code SPRINGSAVE15 at checkout, and bring the price down to just $64.59.


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