Find out your dog’s allergies with this easy-to-use kit on sale at an early Black Friday price


Do you love your pet? That’s a trick question. Of course, you do. You probably feed them their favorite treats and buy them all sorts of fun toys. It’s likely that they have a dedicated space in your home to sleep and hang around when they’re bored. You probably also take them out on daily walks to fun places and have them groomed at fancy pet salons. You’re doing great as a pet parent—but you could be doing more.

For starters, you can look into the possible allergens your pet may have so you can take care of them better. The Allergy Test My Pet Kit lets you get to the bottom of your dog’s well-being, and for a limited time, you can grab it at a special early Black Friday price—no coupon code needed!

Affordable, fast, and easy to use, this kit lets you know the cause behind your furry pal’s itchy skin, upset stomach, and other uncomfortable conditions. It’s developed from the ground up to measure about 100 of the most common allergens that your pet may be reacting to. It measures the proteins found in your dog’s sample and then reports for more than 100 items that may be affecting your dog.

Through this test, you’ll be able to discover the common household and environmental factors affecting your pet’s health. You’ll figure out which foods you should avoid, as well as which ones may be safe to include in their diet. By knowing the factors that may be negatively affecting your pet’s wellness, you’ll get to manage their health better.

“Lincoln was used as a test dog for the Allergy Test. We didn’t think he was allergic to anything. Turns out he reacts to yogurt and other dairy products. So good to know!” says pet parent L. McMillon. This cost-effective kit will help you and your dog on the path to greater wellness, and for a few days only, you can get it on sale for $64.97.


Allergy Test My Pet Kit – $64.97

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