Find your green thumb: this $20 virtual training will turn you into a pro gardener


At the start of 2020, no one could have predicted that we’d be spending the majority of the year stuck at home. This new normal has turned many people on to new hobbies. Some have suddenly dabbled in baking (sourdough, anyone?), started whipping their coffee, opened a TikTok account, and even developed an obsession with working out. And though these activities seem to be crowd favorites, there’s a good chance you might not be into these activities at all. So why not try something new? 

Ditch that oven and take a step outside – well, maybe just to your backyard for now. How about giving gardening a try? You may or may not have a knack for it, but this educational bundle is just what you need to learn the ropes. The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle is a 10-hour hands-on instructional course that can transform you into that avid gardener your neighbors will probably be jealous of.

This set of six courses is expert-taught and beginner-friendly, so you won’t have a hard time keeping up with the lessons. It covers quite a lot of ground, too. From teaching you how to garden house plants, succulents, and herbs, to filling you in on how to prune and train plants, to even imparting you with the steps to creating your own bumper garden, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping you develop your green thumb. 

Who knows? Gardening may be your new outlet to cope with stress in a healthy way.

For a limited time, you can grab this bundle on sale for only $19.99.


The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle – $19.99

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