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Summers are typically synonymous with spending time on the beach with your reading list in tow, but now that lying on the sand is out of the question, it doesn’t mean that you can’t plow through your stack of books. If your goal is to finish as many titles as possible, there’s a platform that allows you to absorb knowledge no matter how busy you are.

12min is an online library that offers hundreds of micro books, all of which are either in text and narrative form for you to explore and enjoy. With a subscription, you’ll get to receive 30 new titles that are designed to be read and digested in under 12 minutes, allowing you to learn even when you’re on the go. If you have a title in mind that’s not in the library, all you have to do is suggest new breakdowns to the 12min team, and they’ll add it in the roster. They will synthesize any book you want into a short but comprehensive micro book you can devour in minutes.

Check it out:

Plus, you can choose micro books from a myriad of genres and read them anywhere with or without internet access.

Fancy beating your reading record this summer? Grab a lifetime subscription to 12min Micro Book Library for only $39. 1-year and 2-year subscriptions are also available for $19 and $29, respectively.


12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription – $39

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