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Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or are seeking success in your entrepreneurial journey, having business skills is essential. You need to have both soft and hard skills to be able to flourish in your chosen field. The good news is that you don’t even have to enroll in a business school and drop thousands to beef up your skillset. The Ultimate All-Access Business Bundle ft. Award-Winning Business School Professor is the only thing you need.

Taught by Chris Haroun, a top online business teacher and the author of the bestselling online business course An Entire MBA in 1 Course, which has been purchased by more than 135,000 students in 11 languages in 196 countries, this set of courses boasts highly-rated content on MBA, productivity, finance, and more. Whatever your goal is, it’s almost certain that you’ll get to push any business or job towards success with the myriad of valuable content available. 

Expect to get techniques on how to ace interviews, the effective ways of delegating tasks, how to motivate employees, how to stay on top of finances, and how to supercharge your productivity. You’ll also learn how to put together the perfect resume, manage portfolios and build financial models, draft and deliver inspiring speeches, create business plans, and tips on how to network. There’s even an MBA-focused course that fills you in on everything you need to know about business, from startup to IPO, straight from a seasoned VC.

For a limited time, you can gain access to this learning bundle for only $34.99.


The Ultimate All-Access Business Bundle ft. Award-Winning Business School Professor – $34.99

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