Get 12 expertly curated bottles of wine delivered straight to your doorstep with this Black Friday deal


One of the best innovations known to man is door-to-door delivery. And you what makes it evens sweeter? You can have all your favorite things delivered straight to your doorstep — including wine. These days, there’s an influx of wine subscription services that promise to only provide you the best bottles, but there’s no better bang for your buck than what Winc can deliver.

Wine enthusiasts, start rejoicing! You can now get personalized wine recommendations, expertly-curated, and delivered right to your home with Winc Wine Delivery. This Black Friday, you can snag 12 bottles for less than $70 with the code BFSAVE20.

Winc creates and curates a one of a kind wine experience as they believe that getting a great bottle should be as simple as enjoying one. Simply take the Palate Profile Quiz on their website, and you’ll get your very own personalized bottle recommendations — from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and so much more. The Winc bottles are just as great on the outside, too. In addition to premium vino, the bottle itself also features unique art that you’ll want to display in your home bar or kitchen as decor.

This deal gives you a massive discount for 12 bottles of wine. Enter the code BFSAVE20 at checkout, you can get personalized, premium quality wine without ever leaving your house for only $67.98.


Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles – $84.97

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