Get 6 bottles of wine from America’s #1 awarded wine club for only $29.95


The most stressful part of gift-giving is not the act of gift buying—it’s the process of gift brainstorming. When it comes to purchasing presents for your loved ones, you tend to rack your brain with ideas that can make their holidays extra special. And more often than not, you tend to come up blank, so you end up buying yet another mug, a gift card, or a pair of fuzzy socks (although the latter is probably a no-fail gift).

If you’re stumped for ideas this year but still want to give an unforgettable gift, why not give the gift of wine instead? No one can say no to a delectable bottle of vino, especially if it’s from someone the recipient cares about. And with this deal from Firstleaf, you can snag 6 different bottles of blends for only $29.95.

Firstleaf happens to be the only wine club that tailors its curation to an individual’s preferences. This means that every bottle is suited to you or your friend’s flavor profile, so you can enjoy each one to their very last drop. Before delivery, you are required to answer a few short questions, and your responses will be used to shape your custom taste profile. The Firstleaf experts will then pick the best bottles and send an introductory set of wines straight to your doorstep.

All bottles are sourced from wineries in Napa and Sonoma County in California. When you receive your first set of wines, you have the option to rate them, so you can get more personalized orders the next time you choose to have some delivered. The more wines you rate, the more customized the batches you receive.

Take advantage of this deal to get personalized wines at a fraction of the cost of normal bottles. You can get six for only $29.95— or just $4.99 a bottle!


Get Your First 6 Bottles of Wine from Firstleaf for Only $29.95 Shipped! – $29.95

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