Get a 3-pack of this on-trend go-to beauty tool while it’s 92% off

The hottest trend in beauty right now is something unexpected (surprisingly, we don’t mean neon makeup), something anyone can do, something you’d assume is incredibly expensive. We’re talking about a super-white smile—one you can achieve on your own, at home, without the crazy dentist bill.

Featured on DailyMail TV, Celebrity Page, and Daily Blast Live, NUOVAWHITE Professional On-the-Go Whitening Pens are the beauty tool you need right this second, and they cost under 15 bucks! With 12% hydrogen peroxide, these pens whiten your teeth in just 30 to 60 minutes. Apply, hop in the shower, and by the time you’re done getting ready, your smile will be brighter. That makes them perfect for any big day or event you’ve got coming up, and because they’re easy to stash in your pack or purse (just 7″ long) and feature a simple brush-tip applicator, you can lean on them for touch-ups anytime you want.

How do these dental-grade whitening pens manage to boost your smile (and confidence) so quickly? The secret is in the hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down faster than the usual carbamide peroxide used to whiten teeth at home. It’s not magic, but it might feel that way when you see the results you get from this 3-pack of NUOVAWHITE Professional On-the-Go Whitening Pens.

Normally, 3 NUOVAWHITE pens would cost you $199, but they’re available now for 92% off at just $14.99.


NUOVAWHITE Professional On-the-Go Whitening Pens – $14.99

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