Get a chance to win a brand new Tesla Model 3 by entering this contest


Looking to upgrade your whip? What if we told you that you can do so without spending a single dime?

Yup, that’s right! You can be the proud owner of a brand spanking new Tesla Model 3, and all you have to do is enter the Dream 2020 Tesla Giveaway — our most exciting giveaway yet.

The stunning Tesla Model 3 was designed with speed and safety in mind. It’s capable of going from 0 to 60mph in as little as 5.3 seconds (buckle up!) and can reach speeds of a whopping 140 mph. It also features a rear-wheel drive, sleek, pearl white paint, 18′ aero wheels, and an all-black partial premium interior. And with a range of up to 250 miles, everyone will be scrambling to call shotgun.

Here’s how you can get the chance to take this baby home: head on over to this link and enter the giveaway with your email or social media account. Share your unique link with your family and friends for more chances of winning, and who knows, with a stroke of luck, you just might be the lucky winner.

You have until December 31, 2020 to join. Good luck!


The Win Your Dream 2020 Tesla Giveaway – $39990

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  1. All the time I see the Harvey Show on youtube the segment is ask Steve I hate that was canceled I wish there were programs that inspired people

    1. You can watch Steve Harvey on YouTube here:

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