Get all the value of an MBA (without the debt) thanks to this online option

An MBA is not a silver bullet to success, but it does hold weight, especially when you’re applying for jobs. Then again, most MBA programs these days only dispense theoretical concepts that you can’t exactly apply in the real world. If you’re gunning for an MBA degree but can’t commit to going to business school just yet, you can get the mentorship you need from a true professional who knows the ins and outs of the industry with this online option.

Chris Haroun is a leading online educator and award-winning MBA professor, venture capitalist, and author. His Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program boasts over 400 hours of self-paced premium content, with courses that will teach you things not taught in business schools. You’ll get the chance to learn a myriad of real-life skills, including writing business documents, how to become CEO in a large company, how to sell, how to land a job, how to manage your own money, how to build and scale a business, how to market your business, and a whole lot more. Instead of just focusing on theories, this collection of courses will fill you in on the key pillars of business from a practical lens. Plus, once you’re done, you’ll even receive an MBA degree from Haroun Education Ventures, which you can use to bolster your resume.

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Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program™ – $399

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