Get the benefits of a Sonicare toothbrush without the hefty price tag

Practicing oral hygiene means more than just having the appearance of pearly whites (although it is a great benefit to brushing and flossing daily); it also means you’re taking preventative measures against gum diseases, such as gingivitis, as well as tooth decay. In fact, oral health is a major factor in our overall health, and studies have even shown connections between poor oral health and diseases that affect the rest of the body, including diabetes and heart disease.

Time and time again, our dentists are recommending electric toothbrushes as a means to help remove plaque and potentially harmful bacteria from your mouth. These devices are highly effective at removing debris, can help ensure you’re brushing your teeth and gums for long enough, and in many cases, help produce less plastic waste than manual brushes. Basically, switching from a traditional toothbrush to an electric one has wins all around.

Typically electric toothbrushes are considered pricey devices (some even surpass the $100 mark), but one deal on a sonic-powered electric toothbrush is making the investment incredibly affordable. The ProSonic Ultra Whitening Sonic Toothbrush, which also comes with four additional brush heads, is currently on sale for $29.99. This powerful brush delivers 40,000 brush strokes per minute to help deep clean and whiten your teeth. And its two minute auto-stop feature ensures you’re cleaning with the doctor-recommended time in mind.

Plus, its new price tag means you’re getting the device for $50 off. Now that’s something to smile about. You can get it here for only $29.99.


ProSonic Ultra Whitening Sonic Toothbrush with 4 Brush Heads – $29.99

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