Gospel Chorus Lifts Spirits During Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

We all know about the devastation that hit Texas in late August and early September due to Hurricane Harvey—and unfortunately, some of us may have lived through it. But did you hear about these chorus singers that put hope back into those suffering from the hurricane’s aftermath? Check out the video below:

Gospel singers and Conroe, Texas shelter volunteers, Victoria White and Marquist Taylor, instilled hope into those suffering amidst the hurt, anger, and distress—reminding them of God’s love, strength, and ultimately, where to continue to set their sights upon: above.

This video went viral, grabbing the attention of major news outlets such as CNN and Good Morning America. Late night host Jimmy Fallon saw the video and had White, Taylor, and the Houston Gospel Choir perform “Lean On Me” on his show. See their performance below:

When interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Victoria stated, “When we first walked in the door, you see a little bit of despair, some hopelessness. But by the time we leave, we’re seeing tons of joy, hope, and love.”

Victoria White and Marquist Taylor are everyday heroes and proof that hope, faith, and love can never be diminished, even in the darkest of times.

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  1. I hate when the instrumentals overpower. They sounded good but the horn and drums were competing

    1. Very nice Very Blessed

  2. such a blessing god send his angels.

  3. Simply beautiful and uplifting..

    Thank you!

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