Got extra time? Pick up a new language with the #1 top-grossing language-learning app in the world

It’s hard to ‘look on the bright side’ during a time when everything is uncertain. But if there’s one positive thing we got from this whole situation, it’s the gift of time (for those of us not on the front lines, of course). Eliminating our social calendars has given us time to do just about anything we want. You could start a creative hustle, spend more time with your family, or learn a skill you’ve always wanted to try. How does picking up a new language sound?

If you’ve got more time than you know what to do with, mastering a new language is an ideal way to be productive. Lucky for you, a lifetime subscription to Babbel app is on sale for a limited time.

The top-grossing language-learning app in the world, Babbel can help you gain complete fluency in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and ten other languages. Its unique approach was originally developed by hundreds of expert linguists to help you pick up your preferred language quickly and speak like a local in no time. It uses speech recognition technology to help you with your pronunciation, and the instruction revolves around topics you’ll use in real life, like travel, food, shopping, and business.

Unlike other language-learning platforms, lessons are distilled into 10-15 chunks, so you can fit it right into your schedule, especially when things go back to normal and you return to your regularly packed routine. And should you become too busy that you forget previous lessons, there will be review sessions that reinforce what you’ve learned before, so you can retain it all better than you did back in high school. Plus, you can access all courses on any of your devices, even without WiFi — you just need to download them beforehand.

For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to Babbel is on sale for only $159 — a savings of 60 percent.


Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $159

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