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Like brushes are to a painter, chefs rely on their knives in order to create any culinary masterpiece.

And we’re not just speaking about experts on Top Chef. Regardless if you’re a home cook or work in a Michelin-star restaurant, knives prove to be the most powerful cooking tool you can have at any given moment. The right ones are tough enough to cut through proteins and root vegetables, while also being delicate enough to finely chop herbs and fruit without damaging the ingredients in the process. And when your fruits, vegetables, herbs and proteins retain their shape and texture, they also retain their flavor. Simply put, the right knives can make your meals taste better. And who doesn’t want that?

If you’re looking to upgrade your current cutlery, these precision Damasukasu Japanese Master Chef Knives check all of our boxes. Crafted out of carbon-rich steel, each of the three knives (one vegetable, one utility and one slicing knife) are designed to be state-of-the-art kitchen tools. These rust- and stain-free tools can handle tough meal prep with ease, giving you precision cuts and slices. Plus, the ergonomic handles also mean that your hands will be less likely to cramp along the way.

Currently the three-piece Damasukasu Japanese Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set is on sale for a $69.99, over $200 off its original price tag and a total savings of nearly 76% off.


Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set – $69.99

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