Halloween Dos and Don’ts

We’ve seen those costumes; the ones that range from offensive to bizarre.

by Jessica Johnson

October is upon us! The month celebrated for layers, leggings, pumpkin spice and of course, Halloween. For some, Halloween is more than candy and costumes, it’s a moment to show humor, personality and wit that may otherwise lay dormant throughout the year. But like having too much candy on Old Hallow’s Eve, there are always people who do too much and take things too far. We’ve seen those costumes; the ones that range from offensive to bizarre.

Adrienne Curry as Amy Winehouse, Source: TMZ
Adrienne Curry as Amy Winehouse, Source: TMZ

While dressing up can be clever and creative, you don’t want to end up being a pariah in your neighborhood for an offensive or distasteful costume. It’s a fine line that some people tow expertly. So we’ve gathered some examples of expert execution without insulting your peers.

First, Cancel the Blackface

Let’s get this out the way, it’s NEVER cool to wear blackface. Not with your friends, not with makeup in a movie, NEVER. With that said, you can still find a way to pay homage to your favorite stars no matter your complexion. Halloween is about playing characters, and you can act a role without painting your face. Just take notes from our friend’s homage to the Migos.


Or this couple’s cute take on Jay Z and Beyonce.

Jay Z and Beyonce
Credit: Pinterest

Now that we’ve covered the don’ts, let’s see some cute costumes ideas!

Costume Ideas

The best costumes are as original, identifiable and sometimes downright silly. Let’s say you’re a athletic type who works hard every day of the year to stay fit, you’ll be sure to turn some heads if you take your cues from the Rock in his Popeye getup. With all the time spent in the gym, why not show that nice body you’ve been sculpting in the gym?

The Rock as Popeye
Credit: Instagram, The Rock

If men in uniform aren’t your thing, you can always play on an old classic like Chanel Iman’s rendition of a mummy. With her knee boots, and cute crop top, Chanel’s look is more chic than scary but it’s also fall so boots are expected. Plus, what else can you expect from a supermodel? This look is also one of the easiest to recreate for all the DIY lovers. That makes this costume something you can get “wrapped up” in (cue laughter).

Credit: Instagram, Chanel Iman

If you want the whole family to join in on the fun, it can never hurt to take a clue from the Carters. Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy slayed as as a unit and you can too. With so many different Barbies (and BRATZ…remember those) and Kens you can easily find the look that suits your style.

Credit: Instagram, Beyonce

There are still a few weeks left until Halloween so you have time to make plans. Just remember as you pick costumes that you can still be yourself while pretending to be somebody else. Of course we can’t truly tell you what to wear, but a little ingenuity and common sense go a long way when it comes to costumes. Have fun Trick or treating!

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