Here’s why this Adagio Salon Hair Dryer should be a part of your daily beauty routine

Not all hair dryers are made equal. In fact, many of the ones we find around our home have nothing on the ones used in professional salons.

For starters, premium blow dryers have advanced technology that can dry your locks incredibly fast. But the most important differentiator between salon-grade tools and basic ones is the fact that top hair dryers can protect your hair from heat damage, leaving you with less frizz and more shine.

The good news is that this deal on the Adagio Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer makes investing in the right hair care tools more affordable than ever.

This device comes with a powerful 1400W motor that can dry your hair in flash. You can even customize the blow drying process with its two speeds, three heat settings and a cool-shot button.

While all of this technology alone would make its newly discounted price of $64.99 a complete steal, the Adagio Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer also comes with a diffuser that can style curly hair without frizz, as well as two flat nozzle attachments to help give you a salon blow out at home.

Once you start using the Adagio Blow Dryer in your daily routine and experience the fast-drying technology and safety features for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever got ready in the morning without it.


Adagio Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer – $64.99

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