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According to research, 49% of professionals have had to quit a job because of a bad boss. There are so many horror stories out there wherein leaders treated their subordinates so poorly, that it led to chronic stress and burnout.

If you happen to be in charge of managing people, the last thing you want is to be a burden to them. You would want to be the very person that inspires change and encourages them to do better at their jobs. If you want to be a better leader in 2021, you’ll find the insights you need from a subscription to Methods of Leadership Online Learning

Methods is an online platform whose aim is to deliver accessible and practical leadership guidance for continuous improvement. Spearheaded by Marshall Goldsmith, one of the best leadership mentors in the world, along with his 100 coaches, you’ll get actionable bite-sized insight segments and a collection of straight-forward business advice you can apply to your work life right away. 

Instead of just dispensing courses, though, Methods offers customized learning paths and engaging learning experiences that adapt to the user in a “choose your own adventure” style. There are even supplementary tools and materials to enhance your learning absorption and application. 

With Methods, you can become more self-aware, increase your personal effectiveness, build your leadership presence, and navigate organizational transformation and behavioral change. 

Typically $2940, you can sign up for a lifetime subscription to Methods for only $118.39 with the code HOLIDAY20.


Methods of Leadership Online Learning: Lifetime Subscription – $147.99

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