How To Get Your Glow On For Spring

Get your skin spring ready

By Aonika Laurent Thomas

The weather is warming, and we’re peeling off the layers. Exposing our skin in beautiful sundresses, shorts, tiny bikinis, barefoot sandals, tank tops, and flowy skirts. That means … it’s time for an ashy skin check. Sorry, but there is just no nice way to say it. The feet, elbows, and knees may need some extra attention. Hydration and exfoliation are key!

Exfoliate your way to glowing skin. Exfoliating gets rid of the oldest skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin and reveals the new skin below. This opens the way for moisturizing products and serums to penetrate the surface layer, giving you luminous new skin.

Keep hydrated! First and foremost, drink plenty of water. I’m no doctor, but good hydration —and health— begins with water. My dermatologists insist that the key to glow is eight glasses of water and at least eight hours of sleep. After that, you need really good product. Invest in a super hydrating face cream and body lotion. Spring is the perfect time to switch to something a little lighter than what you may have been using during the winter. Make sure to invest in a good quality moisturizer.

Face Moisturizer

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Body Moisturizer

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What are your favorite beauty products for glowing skin?  Tell us in the comments below!

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