Job Hunting in the Time of Coronavirus

Getting Out There While Staying In

By Amanda Garrigus

There is no way around it. These are challenging times. We are separated from our friends and family, adjusting to life behind a mask, and variously learning to navigate a landscape that’s unfamiliar and unsettling. For many of us, the stressors do not stop there. Layered into this is job uncertainty. Unemployment is at a record high resulting in anxiety and depression. Before you throw your hands up in despair, take heart, and take a moment to read on. There is a silver lining!

While it may seem futile to job search at a time when government officials, scientists, and anyone who cares about you are telling you to stay home, there is a way forward. During all the tumult come a myriad of jobs that do not require you to travel past your front door. Some are freelance, others full time, some best suited for the tech savvy, while still others require little to no experience at all.

We have compiled a list of resources to help jump-start your search and shovel some coal onto the flames of hope. Whether you take on extra work as a stopgap measure, or to finally follow your true passion, we are here to help set you on the path to success.

Online Resume Builders

Loathsome as it may feel, building a great resume is a must-do, first step for almost any job search. Your resume has got to make a great first impression. Below are five of the best resume building tools on the Internet. Of course, if you are a whiz at the resume building game, then skip ahead to our list of top job search engines.

Resume Genius (
You can knock out a stellar resume in 15 minutes and for less than two dollars. But be aware that a monthly subscription fee of nearly $40 will kick in after an initial trial period. (
It is free, it has been vetted by millions of users, and it gets the job done.

Canva (
You will have to create an account to get started, but once you are in, you will be rewarded with a visual feast perfect for the artistically inclined.

Zetty (
It is so easy to use, you might actually have fun creating your resume!

LinkedIn (
Your resume will find a permanent, easily searchable home on this this essential, social media-savvy, job search site.

Top Job Search Engines

If you have ever thumbed through a classified section, you will understand the sheer eye rolling monotony of most job listings. Hundreds of entries, most irrelevant to you, often presented in a long scroll of mind-numbing proportions. Thankfully, that’s not the case for the search engines listed below. You will find quality, legitimate jobs carefully curated by specialty and various other criteria of your choosing. Some require a small subscription fee, others are gratis, but all are worth a deep dive.

FlexJobs (
Top dog in the world of at-home work.

We Work Remotely (
A haven for the tech savvy.

Freelancer (
If that is what you are, this is where you go.

Boldly (
When a W2 is non-negotiable.

Outsourcely (
Part-time and full-time opportunities. Wins points for being easy on the eyes.

Self Care

How, you may ask, is self-care relevant to a successful job search? Well, let us put it this way, positive energy is infectious. The better you feel, the better able you will be to project those good vibes that employers find irresistible. Trust us, taking the time to give yourself an at-home facial, stretch your way through a yoga session, or just sip a cup of tea, will pay dividends. Here are a few of our favorite self-care resources to keep the good energy flowing.

HeadSpace (
A meditation app for the expert and the uninitiated.

Goop (
Lean into this sometimes extreme, always cutting-edge resource for all things wellness.

The Chalkboard (
From super smoothies to skincare, you will find a plethora of ways to take care of your inner and outer self.

New York Philharmonic on Twitter (
Their Zoom concerts will sooth your troubled mind and remind you that music and art is everything.

Because we all need to hear some good news for a change.

Good luck! And leave us a note below to share your other favorite sites and resources.


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