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When you say you know your dog, what’s the extent of it? Do you have a complete understanding of their body language? Do you know what their posture and facial expressions mean? Do you have a complete list of their wants and needs?

Understanding your dog is a crucial part of responsible pet ownership, and it shouldn’t just end with knowing what their favorite chew toy is. The All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test and Dog Training Bundle features a dog breed test kit and dog training courses, both of which allow you to be the best dog parent you can be. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for only $59.

This bundle combines two popular deals, and right now, you can get both for the price of one. It’s a solid investment because, for one, you’ll receive an award-winning DNA cheek swab kit that delivers a detailed report of your dog’s unique characteristics in two weeks or less. You’ll get to know their personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, predisposition to disease, and much more. You’ll also get to uncover your dog’s genetic health concerns, which can then help you care for them better.

The bundle is also chock-full of tips on how to be better at training your dog. Expect to learn alternative remedies to treat their illnesses to dodge expensive vet bills, receive proven and tested tips on leash training and getting them to walk by your side, and get to grips with techniques on how to stop them from barking and taming their aggressiveness. You’ll even learn how to train new puppies should you decide to adopt a new furry friend.

Should you wish to make dog training a career, there are courses for that, too. Dog and puppy expert Sharon Bolt will teach you how to become an effective trainer and how to establish a reputable dog training business.

A value of $1,239, The All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle is available on sale for only $59.99—a savings of 95 percent.


The All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle – $59.99

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