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In my early comedy days, I met a guy named Sinbad on a park bench in Birmingham, Alabama. He had a trash bag next to him, $65,000 cash was in the trash bag. At that time I had only made $5,000 a week, Sinbad was making $65,000 a week. He taught me a lesson and I kept hustlin’… hustlin’ and I finally got there. Know your worth, take your $10 idea that God gave you and make it happen.

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  1. Your speech was right on the money and what you said cannot get no truthful.

  2. I love it! The motivation is to keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it!!!! Yesss!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 No fear and negativity shall stop me!!! Keep doing it!

  3. I’m so happy to be part of the team

  4. STeve, Just to let you know whittling down on my 300 list challenge you presented last year. It works cant waith to see how much of it is completed in 22 Days- Thanks for the inspiration and ijmpact.

  5. I absolutely love listening to the motivation speeches.

  6. Thanks Steve. Same lesson taught about the talents in   Matthew 25:14-30. Use what the Master gives you and watch it multiply.

  7. This story is so amazing! I will definitely keep the faith and keep hustling and grinding until I’m where I want to be. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Woooww!! I needed to hear this today. I’ve been running in the wrong direction.

  9. Wow, I’m A Writer, Got To Keep Writing Until I Publish The Right Story, Very Encouraging, Thanks

  10. I found this “Know your Worth” segment very positive and a “head lifter”. Over and over again, I hear similar words coming from very successful people and sometimes I wonder if I have want it takes to push on. I’m a writer. My problem is I can’t seem to stay focus. The moment I sit down to write, some many thoughts and stories come into my mind and I have to stop because I can’t focus on just one at a time. I need to be able to stay focus. I live in Detroit, Michigan and I just recently visited the Motown Museum by Berry Gordy and family. The rise to success was a “family affair” and so impressive. Thanks for your words and your spirit of sharing.

  11. Amen!!! How you do it?? Over, & Over Again!👐🏽

  12. This is True. I started listening to Steve Harvey’s Motivational Speeches. Sept 1 yr ago 2019.. My dear friend Denise in Atlanta said “Janice you have the Gift it’s already there. Use it! As Covid 19 showed up I thought. What am I going to do now God.? On Easter Sunday My friend had a tree to fall on his home during storm forcing him out.. He stayed in hotel 2mos then asked for one of my bedrooms ..I negotiated a price with his Insurance Co we all know how costly a hotel is for a day..x30 plus.. They agreed to my offer.. Aug 1,2020. My gift of 25 yrs of Hosting Guests for free in home has now earned me my 1st Check in June 1,2020. I have currently moved from my 4bedroom 2.5 bath home in process of finishing bedroom suite with All new furnishings and is beautiful opening by end of Sept 2020.. I never looked back once I started it has not felt like One day of work in SC! I’m 1hr 45 min from Charlotte as I listen to the Steve Harvey morning show.. I’m looking to host from all over ..Thank you God for my Gift & Thank you Steve Harvey for putting the motivation in me! I Love my Gift ❤

  13. I want to meet you one day and personally chat about our stories. My story is similar with the fact that He gave me pictures and Throughout life it just did not look like it was all working for my good and fruition
    May God continue to pour His wisdom from you as you are helping millions through your gift of speaking . He is a good good father
    My dad gave me that verse Habakkuk 2 : 1-4 durning the hardest time in my life … I to now see it to become real. The waiting is hard but it’s proven true
    Bless you
    Kimberley Ann

  14. I Receive

  15. Hello Mr. Harvey,
    I love how you took a simple solution and open everyone eyes to larger possibilities! You are absolutely right, we must know our worth. I tell myself and my children, know your WORTH and then add tax :). A person can take a hobby, and turn it into a WORTHWHILE money making business. Even when the person is very creative, he/she MUST concentrate on one thing in order to move on to something else. I have watch you on TV, movies, listen on the radio and at Comedy Concerts over the years, and just wanted to say, YOU get BETTER like a FINE bottle of WINE! (In your case, a GOOD cigar) May YOU continue to be a blessing to us all!

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