Learn all things data via Power BI, Power Query, Excel, and Access with this training


In case you haven’t noticed, data makes the world go round. Data allows companies and organizations to know their customers better, allowing them to make better business decisions. It’s no wonder why they’re willing to throw money at anything that helps them make sense of the data they’re collecting, which is why it’s also not surprising that data scientists (what is coincidentally deemed as the sexiest job of the 21st century) are making bank.

If you have plans on training to become a data expert to aid companies in parsing through mounds of data or want to be better at pulling actionable insights from your raw data for your own business venture, the Complete Big Data & Power BI Bundle is an excellent starting point.

This 5-part bundle, comprised of courses taught by Simon Sez IT, a leading education platform focused on computer and software technology, will help you learn all things data via Power BI, Power Query, Excel, and Access. In case you have no idea what those are, they are the top tools used by experts to sort, analyze, and visualize data. Through the five jampacked courses, expect to get to grips with organizing and cleaning data with Power BI, performing calculations on your data model using DAX, and consolidating, analyzing, and reporting financial information via Excel. You’ll also learn how to create relationships between tables and set up databases using Access.

Start your journey in becoming a data pro with this bundle. It usually retails for $475, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $39.99.


The Complete Big Data & Power BI Bundle – $39.99

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