Learn how to make the most out of Microsoft Teams and Outlook with this training bundle


With organizations gradually accepting the reality of the pandemic, leaders are shifting from temporary fixes to adopting more permanent solutions to help their virtual workforce operate smoothly. The biggest challenge of all? How to collaborate successfully without meeting in person. It does seem tricky, but fortunately, platforms now exist to make it achievable.

One widely-used example is Microsoft Teams, which has now become essential to many companies operating through the pandemic. With its top-quality virtual chatting and conferencing tools, Microsoft Teams has allowed professionals to work together and access meetings and events from their respective devices — without the need for an actual conference room.

But it’s one thing to access Microsoft Teams, and it’s a whole other thing to maximize its features. Through the Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course, you’ll discover that it is more than just a virtual chatroom. With two courses and 94 lessons totaling 10 hours of content, not only will you learn the fundamentals of using the software, but you’ll also discover how to set up teams, manage members, use the notes function, and use the app both online and via desktop. You’ll also learn the tricks of the software that aren’t obvious out of the box, so you can supercharge your productivity even further. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a course on Microsoft Outlook, which will teach you how to use the email app to your advantage. 

The Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course retails for $174, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $19.99.


The Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course – $19.99

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