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Cloud computing is shaping the new normal. As companies trade their physical office for virtual environments, many have had to rely on the cloud to remain operational. One of the frontrunners in this space is Microsoft Azure, which happens to offer a slew of cloud services, including analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, more. Some even use it to either replace or supplement on-site servers.

Data stored in the cloud is sensitive, but fortunately, Azure’s infrastructure happens to be incredibly secure. Then again, it takes a professional knowledgeable about every nook and cranny of the platform to enjoy the full benefits of its robust system, which is why cloud security experts are paid top dollar to ensure that a business’ Microsoft Azure environment runs smoothly.

Whether you’re a business owner or an IT expert that wishes to learn how to implement, manage, and monitor an organization’s Azure platform, the 2021 Microsoft Azure & Security Certification Training Bundle will show you the ropes, as well as get you prepped to ace certification exams. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for only 96 percent off.

Comprised of five jam-packed courses, this package will teach you what you need to know about navigating Azure. On top of learning basic cloud concepts, you’ll also explore core Azure services and get to master security, privacy, compliance, and trust. You’ll learn advanced concepts and techniques like implementing virtual networking, intersite connectivity, traffic management, and managing storage. You’ll even get to grips with employing a range of services to work at scale, including deploying and managing virtual machines, configuring and managing virtual networks, implementing storage, handling subscriptions and resources, and so much more. 

All courses are taught by iCollege, one of the most trusted marketplaces in E-Learning, so you know you’re getting the quality education you need. Gain fluency in all things Microsoft Azure with the 2021 Microsoft Azure & Security Certification Training Bundle, currently on sale for $49.99.


The 2021 Microsoft Azure & Security Certification Training Bundle – $49.99

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