Learn how to mix awesome drinks from an expert mixologist for only $30


Booze lovers across the country are relishing in the magic that is online liquor delivery—so much so that analysts predict that by the end of 2021, the U.S. will be able to overtake China as the largest alcohol e-commerce in the world. If you’re one of those people who merrily welcome your bubbly at their doorstep, you may want to take things up a notch and have your own happy hour at home. But first, of course, you need to learn all the secrets from expert mixologists, too.

Just as you purchase booze online with just a few clicks, you can also snag premium training on pro bartending in a jiffy with the 2021 Ultimate Mixology & Cocktail Trainer Bundle. Spearheaded by world champion mixologist and bar owner Paul Martin, this training package aims to help you discover the taste of the world’s finest cocktails.

Composed of five courses, the bundle revolves around creating drinks based on your poison of choice, whether it’s gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, or tequila. Not only will you get to learn about the background and history of these drinks, but you’ll also explore the techniques that will enable you to mix truly world-class versions of each one. You’ll learn the key factors that differentiate the best cocktails from all the rest, but most importantly, you’ll be equipped with the skills to produce cocktails that will leave a lasting impression. Your friends might even leave their favorite bartenders in favor of you. How does that sound?

Learn how to mix kickass drinks from the comfort of your home with the 2021 Ultimate Mixology & Cocktail Trainer Bundle. It’s currently on sale for $29.99 at The Steve Harvey Shop.


The 2021 Ultimate Mixology & Cocktail Trainer Bundle – $29.99

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