Learn how to play the piano, read music, and compose songs for just $34.99

Everyone and their mother seems to be working towards something while hunkering down at home. Some are trying to perfect the art of sourdough bread, some are trying to launch a TikTok career, and some are just happy watching the entirety of Netflix’s slate of movies. If your personal development project happens to involve learning how to read and make music, let the Ultimate Piano Bundle: From Beginner to Advanced be your teacher.

Instead of coughing up money on virtual lessons with hourly piano teachers and burning a hole in your pocket along the way, for just $34.99, this comprehensive bundle will teach you the ropes of reading notes, training your ear to hear chords, and even composing your own songs. Taught by an experienced pianist, it’s comprised of 150 hours of lessons, which begins with getting you to grips with pitch, bass, and musical notes, the basics of adding variety or color to chords, and giving you a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of playing the piano and music theory.

Once you’ve got a full grasp of the essentials, you’ll then move on to learning the different types of extended chords. Believe it or not, you’ll dive into spicing up your musical pieces with chord progressions, creating unique sounds with basslines, infusing borrowed chords to songs, and even making unique and memorable melodies. You’ll be able to recognize chords by ear, as well as find the key of a song within seconds. By the time you finish with the courses, you’ll be proud to call yourself a master of keys.

Learn how to be a pro at playing the piano for only $34.99. That’s a whopping 98 percent discount from the usual cost of $2,000.


The Ultimate Piano Bundle: From Beginner to Advanced – $34.99

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  1. Is this taught through Zoom

  2. Is it designed for absolute beginners?
    Is is designed with sound detection?

  3. Do you offer advanced lessons?

  4. Here is my coupon code: 3w6q69b
    I could not find it just now when I returned to my order. Please reimburse me.

  5. I want to support my black entrepreneurs. I am a beginner. I am so motivated. Can you help me.

  6. May i have a hint,to see whether this is the right one for me?

  7. What are the keyboard requirements….novice.

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