Learn how to write and publish a bestselling novel with this creative writing course bundle


Vying to be the next great American novelist? It’s not as easy as you might think, even if you believe you have a brilliant idea for a story. There’s this thing called writer’s block, and it will be your number one enemy as you weave your words together. 

It’s one thing to be good with words, but it’s another thing to power through a creative block when you’re writing. The 2021 Complete Creative Writer’s Workshop Bundle will teach you how to enter a state of creative flow and build an idea bank, along with other techniques to put together any type of novel. Right now, you can get the bundle on sale for $29.99.

Put together by experienced authors, this course bundle aims to turn you into one of the best writers in the industry. Whether you’re writing romance, mystery, sci-fi, or non-fiction, the lectures included will help you how to structure your story well, develop fleshed-out characters, and make magic with world-building. You’ll get to produce work ready to wow publishers, but there’s also a course dedicated to helping you publish your own books with little to no outside help. 

You’ll also get the chance to master creating professional ebook covers or outsourcing them, as well as learn to repackage your work effectively and convert them into other types of useful content. And should you hit a bump in the road and experience a major writer’s block, there’s a course that is centered on creating a personal writing system that eliminates fear, procrastination, and self-doubt.

The courses in this bundle are taught by the likes of Steve and Dani Alcorn of Writing Academy, Bryan Collins, Dave Espino, Leon Chaudhari, and Sean Thompson, all seasoned writers who love their craft. For a limited time, you can get the bundle on sale for $29.99 or only $2.99 per course. 


The 2021 Complete Creative Writer’s Workshop Bundle – $29.99

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