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Showcasing proficiency in Microsoft Office apps is basically a requirement for professionals who work in the office setting, but you know what truly impresses employers? Being a master at Microsoft Excel. The most popular spreadsheet software in the world is ubiquitous in the workplace for a reason. On top of helping people organize massive amounts of data, it’s also capable of visualizing key information, performing financial analysis, and even automating certain tasks. In short: being a pro at Excel can help you land your next role and achieve peak productivity.

If your knowledge of Excel begins and ends with arranging rows and cells, you can amp up your skills with the 2022 Complete Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle. Packed with 12 expert-led courses, this e-learning package will equip you with the tools and resources needed to unlock the program’s full potential.

With lectures taught by StreamSkill, a platform renowned for making tricky software easy to navigate, this course package fills you in on how to make the most out of Excel’s key functionalities. You can expect to get introduced to advanced formulas for complex number crunching, PivotTables for more efficient data analysis, Power Query for building data models, and Macros for automating tasks.

If you’re new to Excel and can’t quite figure out how to work the program yet, there are also beginner-friendly courses catered to you. Through expert guidance, you’ll receive a solid grounding in the basics of the app and so you can become more confident in tackling and managing spreadsheets. Aside from video lectures, you even get downloadable course files and exercise files that you can use to practice what you’ve learned and fortify your newfound knowledge.

Formerly retailing for $4788, you can grab this Excel super bundle for only $34.92. That’s a massive 99 percent discount from the original cost.


The 2022 Complete Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle – $34.99

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