Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing with this $20 training bundle


Think Pinterest is a platform solely used for searching recipes and home decor ideas? Think again. Out of over 320 million active users, a massive 87% of them revealed that they had purchased a product or service because they came across it on the app. Not only that, but Pinterest is also responsible for 65% of all sales from social media. There’s no question—the very app you use to look up fashion trends also happens to be a powerful marketing tool.

But if you haven’t considered leveraging Pinterest for your marketing needs before, the 2021 Pinterest Marketing & Growth Bundle can show you the ropes. It’s composed of 10 hours of training, filling you in on how to make the most out of Pinterest’s visual appeal to promote your content and grow an engaged audience.

Taught by experienced marketers and entrepreneurs like Greg Jeffries, Nick Nyxson, and Sorin Constantin, this 5-pronged bundle will show you how to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy. On top of teaching you how Pinterest works, you’ll learn how to maximize your results from sponsored ads and campaigns and drive engagement with your pins. If you want to gain more audience to your site, you’ll be trained on how to siphon large amounts of free traffic from the app to any other site or offer you’re trying to promote. You’ll also get to grips with creating a weekly routine for maximum growth and drastically increase your monthly viewers.

You’ll also be introduced to Tailwind, a powerful tool that will help you to manage practically all aspects of Pinterest. You can use it to create and schedule your pins and manage them, all from one convenient spot.

Whatever you need to know about Pinterest marketing, you’ll learn from this bundle. For a limited time, it’s on sale for only $19.99.


The 2021 Pinterest Marketing & Growth Bundle – $19.99

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