Master a new language and travel for cheap with the help of this traveler bundle


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity spent indoors, things are looking up, and we’re almost cleared to take it to the skies. If you’re desperate to scratch that travel itch, there’s nothing stopping you from drafting up a plan right now. And since planning your next adventure entails setting a budget, researching about the place, and getting acquainted with the local language, you could use a little help.

The World Traveler Bundle is comprised of everything you need to explore the world. With six traveling hack courses, a subscription to Matt’s Flights Deals, and access to Rosetta Stone, it comes packed with the resources that every modern traveler needs. Right now, you can get the bundle on sale for over 80 percent off.

The travel hack course collection contains valuable information to travel the world with limited funds. You’ll learn tips and strategies to plan your dream trip on a budget and hacks on how to travel twice as far for half the money. It also includes a guide on moving abroad, along with living life as a digital nomad, travel photography lessons, and learning a new language as an adult. 

Speaking of languages, you’ll greatly benefit from the included lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone. An award-winning language software recognized by the likes of NASA, it’ll help you master a second or third language fast. With its interactive software and proprietary speech-recognition technology, you’ll be able to acquire conversational skills with the correct accent to boot. 

Lastly, the bundle nets you a 3-year subscription to Matt’s Flights, a platform that searches for the best flight deals on your behalf and delivers them straight to your inbox. All that’s left for you to do is select your favorite deal from the list, travel for a fraction of the cost, and enjoy vacationing for cheaper than ever before. 

Now, if you choose to purchase these subscriptions and courses separately, it would set you back $1,784. But with the World Traveler Bundle, you can get the entire set for only $199. You can even get an extra 20 percent discount by entering the code TRAVEL20 at checkout.


The World Traveler Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription – $199

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