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Master American Sign Language in 2021 for only $20


American Sign Language (ASL) is not usually what comes to mind when people explore new languages. It’s typically the likes of French or Spanish or Mandarin, but never the language that requires you to maneuver your body. But while it’s understandably tough to master a language that relies so much on kinetics and facial expressions, it’s still worth learning if only to expand your career options, boost your communication skills, and of course, to connect better with the hard-of-hearing and open yourself up to their culture.

The Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle can get you up to speed with the beautiful language that is ASL, regardless of your prior experience with it. The e-learning package features a full range of ASL courses—levels 1, 2, and 3—and even a bonus course for free, which is baby sign language.

You get to master useful signs for everyday life and emergencies with this training, including the nuances of baby talk. You can expect to get to grips with the basics of the sign language alphabet and advanced signs you can use for, say, a medical emergency, and you’ll even learn scuba hand diving signals. Put together by Cudoo.com, a comprehensive and practical lifestyle e-learning platform, this bundle is what you need to become confident in sign language for all situations.

With 30 CPD credits provided after you finish, you can get to add ASL as a language skill on your resume. That way, you can set yourself apart in the workforce and gain a competitive advantage. But perhaps the best perk you’ll get is that you’ll be able to connect better with your Deaf partner, parent, friend, or colleague.

Typically $99, the Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle is on sale for only $19.99—a savings of 80 percent.

Prices subject to change.


The Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle – $19.99

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  1. Interested.

    1. Very interested!!!

  2. Interested

  3. Is this a scam? Because if not, I’m ready to pay the money right now.

  4. Interested

  5. Interested

  6. American Sign Language

  7. I am definitely interested. Thanks.

  8. Interested… This will be perfect for me because I am hearing impaired and if all my hearing was to vanish I will love to learn a new way to communicate…

  9. I am interested

  10. Will be certified interpreter after?

    1. Hi Sofia, this course is CPD Accredited with 30 CPD credits.

  11. Interested

  12. Interested

  13. Am interested

  14. How do I get to the course now that I bought it? I have my code.

  15. Is the ASL course done at set times or is it all at your own time?

    1. On your own time. Thanks Kaitlyn!

  16. Is this a learn at your own time course or do you have to attend at a scheduled time. Also what does 30 day redemption refer to does it mean you have to finish in 30 days to get the certificate

  17. Interested.

  18. I would love to do this

  19. I am interested.

  20. Interested

  21. Do I need to purchase any other software or pay for access to any online platforms in order to do the training?

  22. I’m interested

  23. I am interested in receiving more information please

  24. Okay so how do I access the class now that I paid and have the code?

  25. I would like my money back. I have not been able to use the voucher code I received after my purchase. I watched the video that links to youtube and its only about 30 some seconds and does not show how to get to the Cudoo page that has you enter the code. Ive looked everywhere. My bank show the money has come out and I have not access. Please explain what I am doing wrong and how I can get what I purchased or refund my money.

  26. Very interested, how do I get it please?
    Thank You so much!😊

  27. Signed up and paid. However, I can’t get in to any program. So I will be canceling unless you fix.

  28. It takes many years to become fluent . Is a Deaf person teaching this course? What is the certificate for? Will the courses be taught over a span of 30 days? ASL 1-4 is usually 4 semester courses.

  29. I have read through all the comments and the three people that have purchased it and commented, couldn’t access it . There are no comments about if the product is worthy of my money so I am skeptical. (Delete my comment if not allowed then I’ll know for sure)

  30. I purchase this course Master American Sigh Language and it is not allowing me to use it.
    Would it be possible to have some help with my issues

  31. My son was diagnosed with having autism. Meltdowns, auditory over stimulated and non verbal teaching him sign language on my own helped him communicate. After he became verbal sign language reduced his frustration when he should signs of having a meltdown. Not enuff research is done in alternatives in non-verbal autistic children.

  32. Hi, to whom this may concern… How can I get in contact with the person or persons that is conducting the class on ASL. I have additional questions before I sign up.

  33. Interested in learning more about the offer

  34. I cannot imagine what this course takes in for this minimal price. I have 4 semesters of ASL and feel like I have barely skimmed the top. Scared to plunge in as I’m not sure how difficult it will be on line and not in classroom setting.

  35. Signed up, paid for it charged and nothing. What a waste.

    1. Hi Nicole, please let our customer service team help you here: https://support.stackcommerce.com/hc/en-us

      (Sometimes the confirmation email ends up in your spam folder.)

  36. Hi! I bought this and was charged but never received an email or any further communication. I was just wondering if there is something more I should be doing. Thanks.

    1. Hi Samantha, please let our customer service team help you here: https://support.stackcommerce.com

  37. Does a book come too, or is it only online?

    1. Hi Kimberley, this is an online only course.

  38. My friend and I want to take the course together. Would be able to do that and how? We were hoping we could each do the lessons from our own computer but still be able to see each other?

  39. So many comments about paying and not getting access, and only reply is to contact CS. No comments from people who have tried and like the class. Was really hoping to try this as took ASL in college, but not without positive reviews

  40. I want just learned the sign language asl

  41. I’m not the only one that was charged for the class and ignored

  42. Mr. Harvey, I’m Deaf and a native American Sign Language speaker. While I appreciate you encouraging people to learn the language of my people, unfortunately the ASL masters course you are recommending does NOT teach ASL correctly. Worse, the ASL masters course is taught by hearing person with no knowledge and involvement with the Deaf community. In our culture, that is seen as exploitation and disempowerment.
    Instead of encouraging people to take a course taught by a hearing person with no knowledge of ASL, Deaf culture, and the Deaf community, I and other Deaf people recommend that y’all take courses taught by Deaf people. Here are some ASL teachers who are Deaf:
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the information, we will pass it along to our team.

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