Meet 2020’s trendiest hair styling tool

Today’s trendiest hairstyling product isn’t a luxury hair mask or a curling iron that can mimic beach waves ⁠— it’s the humble hair dryer.

Why are people so obsessed with hair dryers these days? The right device can dry locks in a flash, as well as control frizz and ensure hair isn’t exposed to damaging heat along the way. It means that you can get ready in the morning faster than ever, and still manage to have a hairdo that looks like its been styled by a professional.

One such hair tool that has all the features you’re looking for in a hair dryer, plus some, is the Prisma Ionic Dryer. This premium-grade device can dry your hair 60% faster than your standard blow dryer. Plus, its use of negative ions can help repair your hair during the heat drying process, while at the same time reducing static and frizz and adding body, volume and shine. Talk about the perfect combination.

If you’re not looking to blow dry your hair straight, the Prisma Ionic Dryer also comes with a diffuser attachment that can keep curls intact and frizz-free.

And while hairdryers of this caliber normally will set you back a Benjamin (if not more), right now you can score the Prisma Ionic Dryer for 60% off its retail price, making the device plus three attachments only $59.99.


Prisma Pro Dryer with Adjustable Airflow Technology – $59.99

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