Never worry about losing your files again with this cloud tool that offers 2TB of backup space


Now that we live in a time where everyone and their mother are more online than ever, it’s undeniable that people are also accumulating an overwhelming amount of digital files. From pictures to video footage to work files, you’re juggling huge amounts of data on the daily, so it’s only right that you find a way to take good care of them.

You would want to back them up with a reliable tool to keep them safe and sound. Luckily, a service like Degoo exists, and it offers 2TB of supremely secured backup space from which you’re able to manage and share files with extreme ease.

Whatever type of data you have, Degoo allows high-speed transfers from a database that boasts more backup real estate than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined. It also offers an intuitive interface that lets you easily keep tabs on all your valuable data. To take the burden off your shoulders, it also automatically backs up your files with the automatic file change detection feature and it even replicates your backup as you perform it, giving you extra peace of mind. Plus, if you want to share files, you may do so easily via email or link.

Never worry about losing your files ever again with a lifetime subscription to Degoo, now on sale for $59.99.


Degoo Premium: Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan – $59.99

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