Optimize your online presence with this digital marketing masterclass that comes with a $20 site credit


There’s a reason why nearly every brand seems to be on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. The answer is simple: digital marketing works. Just how many times have you bought something or tried a service because you saw it on your feed? And how many purchases do you have that warrant the #InstagramMadeMeBuyIt or #TikTokMadeMeTryIt hashtags? Yup, exactly.

The internet is swarming with brands trying to compete for consumer attention, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re trying to grow a business or boosting your personal brand, there’s a way to game the system. All you have to do is step up your digital marketing game. And thanks to the 2021 Ultimate Digital Marketing Super Bundle, you can have a leg up your competition, and receive a $20 site credit as a bonus.

Comprised of 11 courses, this bundle will teach you how to achieve success on almost every popular social media platform today. There’s a Facebook marketing class that fills you in on how to identify and reach your target customers on the site. There are courses focused on Instagram and Twitter which teach you how to grow your followers organically and amplify your social sharing. There’s also a course dedicated to Pinterest, which discusses creating great campaigns on the platform.

Apart from marketing on social media, you’ll also gain access to courses that revolve around email and text marketing, podcasts, and even Zoom. You’ll discover how email and SMS can boost business growth, conduct effective virtual conventions via Zoom, and create highly valuable podcasts.

All these jampacked courses are put together by Entrepreneur Academy, an e-learning platform known for its efforts in helping people and businesses to enhance and manage their online presence.

Normally $2,200, you can grab the 2021 Ultimate Digital Marketing Super Bundle for just $34.99 and receive a $20 site credit you can use towards a future purchase from the Steve Harvey Shop.


The 2021 Ultimate Digital Marketing Super Bundle & $20 Site Credit – $34.99

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