Steve Harvey's Sand and Soul Festival is back.

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We all know Marjorie as a woman of God, mother, philanthropist, lover of all things fashion, and a true beauty queen... but did you know the five facts below?


1. Her birthday is also National Handbag Day.

Being born on October 10th is pretty perfect for the Lady of Couture.


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2. Her favorite place is Paris.

Marjorie loves to travel, but there’s no place quite like Paris. It’s her favorite place to be—and we can see why!


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3. She’s a certified lifeguard.

While visiting with her #1 fan, Marjorie shares that not only can she swim, but she’s also a certified lifeguard. The woman can do it all! See for yourself:


4. Baby oil is her secret beauty product.

When Marjorie and Steve were put to the test with some rapid fire questions, Marjorie shared her love of baby oil. According to Marjorie, it keeps you young! Go get some baby oil, ladies!


5. She makes the best pizza.

According to Steve, Marjorie is a pro at homemade pizza. With thick crust, yummy marinara, and a variety of fresh toppings, it’s no wonder Steve can’t get enough! Watch her do her thing:


What did you learn about Mrs. Harvey today?


To learn more about Marjorie's sense of style, enjoy the video below: