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The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation was created to provide support and guidance to children and young adults who don’t have an active father presence in their lives. The organization provides this support in several ways: through educational enrichment, mentoring and service initiatives. The foundation’s mission is to have a positive impact on the next generation of leaders through empowerment and inspiration.

Here are 5 things about it that you probably didn’t know about the foundation:

  1.  It serves boys and girls: Through the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men and the Girls Who Rule the World Mentoring Camp, the foundation targets both boys and girls. The goal of the mentoring weekend for boys is “ break the misguided traits of manhood and introduce role models who provide positive examples.” For girls, the aim is to enhance their development in a positive way while helping them navigate common societal teenage pressures, including tough issues like teen pregnancy and prostitution.
  2. It's impacted over 1,500 kids since its inception: Over 1,500 young adults have been impacted by the camps and mentoring programs. And the foundation’s reach continues to grow. 
  3. It also serves mothers: Moms aren’t left out, and they’re invited to attend a separate Parent Program, where they can attend educational sessions that explore many pertinent issues that affect teens and their families.
  4. It partners with the U.S. Army Reserve: The U.S. Army Reserve has provided soldier-mentors for camps for the past six years. “These types of events… show our commitment to this nation, and shows our commitment to the youth of this nation,” said Army Col. Terance Huston, 5th Recruiting Brigade Commander. The discussions that mentees have with their mentors are designed to make the young men “think and develop strategies to overcome the challenges they all face.”
  5. It covers a range of issues: The whole aim of the foundation is to supply positive images and role models to kids who might not have those in their lives. But these young people also gain other valuable life skills that cover health and wellness topics, financial literacy and information on applying to college.

Videos from various camps and programs give some insight into all the positive changes the foundation is working to bring to children and young adults from all areas.

Hear what girls who participated in the girls' camp had to say about their experience.


And young men who took part in the mentoring program explain how life-changing it was for them, in their own words.

To learn more about applying, volunteering or how you can help, visit The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation website.