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Arsenio Hall sat down for a chat on STEVE and talked about the time he got coffee with Eddie Murphy.

Apparently Eddie ran into Steve right before they met for coffee, and told Arsenio that Steve had been exercising.

“I was so happy, but sad, because I don’t work out.” Arsenio told the crowd.

Likely words we can all relate to.

Instead, Arsenio substitutes workout time for sexy time.

But the subject changed back to coffee and Arsenio issued a warning to Steve: Don’t go out for coffee with Eddie Murphy.


He tips a hundred dollars to the servers.

“So when I come in they don’t even want to see me,” Arsenio said, referring to the barista’s dirty looks.

Even though he does tip $20 which is more than a lot of people can say.

But it’s still hard to compete with that Eddie Murphy dough.

Here’s the full video: